Isle of Luing on Foot

Walks on Luing

There are many beautiful places to walk on Luing, and it is pretty difficult to get lost.  There is one main road linking the ferry to the other end of the island and the pretty village of Toberonochy.  Turn off to the right to go to Cullipool and the Atlantic Islands Centre or to the left to visit Ardinamar.

The “Routes around the Isle of Luing” booklet, available from the Atlantic Islands Centre for £1.50, outlines 8 routes that you can take with a maximum walk time of 2 hours.

Walk Highlands details a slightly more adventurous walk along the coast from the ferry along to Cullipool – where in parts there is no path so please only attempt this if you are OK to scramble and have the right footwear…there have been incidents on this route!

For the more intrepid walker you could try the 25km walk all the way round the island -