Isle of Luing Home Bakers

The Isle of Luing Home Bakers are volunteers who provide a fanastic range of cakes, traybakes, biscuits, tarts and sometime desserts for the Atlantic Island Centre and sourdough breads for the Centre and Luing Stores.  They have all undertaken food hygiene training and their kitchens are registered with Environmental Health.


One of the bakers is matriach Jane MacLachlan whose family have been on Luing since the 1700s. Many still live here and on nieghbouring Seil and two of Jane’s daughters Mhairi and Fiona also bake with the Isle of Luing Home Bakers.

All the bakers make a range of cakes but here are some of the most popular that regularly feature in the cake cabinet at the Atlantic Islands Centre. 


  • Jane keeps the centre supplied with Shortbread, Oatie biscuits and Victoria sandwich
  • Fiona’s most popular cakes is the Courgette and Lime
  • Mhairi specialises in Tiffin
  • Zoe bakes delicious lemon cake, fruit drizzle & scones
  • Martin specilaities are vegan cinnamon buns & belgian buns
  • Mary’s makes millionaires, vegan coffee cake & banana & chocolate cake as well as savoury tarts
  • Mandy makes very popular empire biscuits, iced coffee cake & cream pancakes
  • Pat’s specialities include Fruit Cake, flapjack & fruit cake
  • Mary B makes ginger traybake, liquer cakes & wonderful sweet pastry for tarts & tartlets. Mary also makes award winning sourdough. 


Several of the bakers make celebration cakes to order too! : Email: