Iron Age Fort

Isle of Luing History Group

Keeping Alive Luing’s History

Heritage Exhibitions

The archives and collection of Luing History Group are housed in the Centre and there are informative and changing displays on local history and archaeology on the ground floor, beside the original lighthouse lens from Fladda Lighthouse. Archaeology, social history, industrial history, natural history and geology of Luing and the surrounding uninhabited islands (Garvellachs, Scarba, Lunga, Torsa, Shuna, Fladda, Belnahua).

Family History Records

Get in touch if you want to see a particular set of photos, maps or to trace your family history records.

Explore Luing's Heritage

Explore Luing's heritage on the Isle of Luing History Google Map, featuring stories and photos of Luing's people and places. 

Click on the link or scan the QR code to discover Luing's fascinating history and archaeology. QR Code - Luing History.png

Walkover work with the Association of Certified Field Archaeologists

Over the past two years a careful walkover has been undertaken across Luing which has identified over 400 archaeological sites and features. They include prehistoric and cellular houses and post-Medieval and pre-improvement structures and boundaries.  A final report is nearing completion.

Show and Tell, Talks & Events 

Rock, Paper, Chisels : Friday 20th - Sunday 21st of September 2024


Look out for details of these regular events – all welcome!
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